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We provide following services

Mobile App Development.

Website Design And Development.

eCommerce Website Design

Branding, Logo and Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing And Campaigning

Social Media Marketing And Campaigning

GTA Speed Network Events

HD Video Ads Production And Marketing

What we offer

We offer professional services in below areas.

Mobile App Development

Implementing mobile applications will help you to sell products, enhance support services and improve employee productivity. Whether you need to develop new mobile applications or extend existing line-of-business applications to mobile devices, My Nooks offers: Application Development  for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and HTML5.

Website Design and Development


Our team plans, designs, and develops stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic. My Nooks designs modern responsive websites that are compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. They are crafted with the best web standards to ensure compatibility across all popular browsers and devices.

eCommerce Website Design

 We provide businesses with a professional web based image, online business, and a shopping cart solution. We are prepared to help your company find a custom solution for your website needs. We work hard to develop custom solutions that best suit your particular business. Our eCommerce websites are built to perform and provide results that lead to a successful website and a return on your investment.We provide various packages for Web Design and Development. All our websites are: SEO Optimized, 100% Mobile Responsive, Easy to Maintain.

Branding, Logo and Graphic Design

Our Creative designers will help you with your Branding & Corporate Identity: Logos, Business cards, Banners, flyers ,Letter heads, stamps and Memo Pads, Visual Standard Guidelines and many more.

Social Media Marketing And Campaigning

Social Media Marketing (SMM) networks are the core communication channels around the globe these days. Some of the most famous and renowned ones include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google. The best part is you will have leads on all the social networks that relate to your business or objective, and we help you convert these leads into customers with our highly effective SMM services.

GTA Speed Networking Events

 GTA speed networking events are hosted by My Nooks. At these events you can find professionals who are potential clients and business partners.
In these events you can take your business to the next level! Experience the power of Masterminds with a Mission. Be inspired to think bigger, get tools to grow your business, share referrals and ideas, and turn your vision into a reality. If you are serious about growing your business and interested in networking, this opportunity is for you It’s full of networking opportunities for each of our participants whom come from different professions, health and wellness, financial services, education, information technology, communication, food, tourism, construction, and others .These events will be open for interacting, learning and promoting, among others while providing an opportunity for investment, partnership and new business development.

HD Video Ads Production And Marketing

As part of our fully integrated marketing services, we offer professional video ad productions that work in conjunction with your other online marketing efforts.  Our creative team of production experts combines the best in scriptwriting, digital graphics, photography, videography, video editing, flash animations, voice-overs music, and much more to create attention-grabbing, riveting productions. Whether it’s TV advertising, online streaming media, HD 1080p videos, interactive social networking websites, viral marketing videos for your website, YouTube, or Facebook.

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